Best in town!
Best in town!


Triangle Cab is always running promotions for our customers! Listed below are the promotions we currently have available:

Blue Light Specials

We periodically are going to start running limited time specials that we are calling “Blue Light Specials”. All of these specials will be announced here and on our Facebook page and will only run for a limited time. If you haven’t already, please “like” our Facebook Page so you will see when a special is activated.

Pre-paid special

If you pre-pay a minimum of $50 dollars for your taxi rides, you will receive a 10% discount. To continue receiving the discount you must apply more money to your account before the balance reaches zero.

A pre-paid account can be used any way you like. You can pre-pay for your regular trips to work or for your trips to the doctor, store, etc.

Gift Cards

We are now offering electronic gift cards! Electronic gift cards differ from physical gift cards because they are purchased and delivered to someone’s email. Once they receive the electronic gift card, they will have a 16 digit code they can give at check out to purchase rides from Triangle Cab.

There is no limit to an electronic gift card and they never expire.

To order an electronic gift card click here.

Please call us in the office if you have any questions.

Discount Cards

Discount cards are issued by management thru a driver and they are usually to say “thank you” or “we are sorry”. The value of the discount card is $2 dollars off your NEXT ride and the following guidelines apply:

  • Discount cards are only valid for the amount pre-printed on the card.
  • Discount cards are only valid for 30 calendar days after the date written on the card.
  • Discount cards with no date are NOT valid.
  • Discount cards are ONLY valid with pick up from the location written on the card.
  • Discount cards are valid with pick up from anywhere if “Anywhere” is written on the card.
  • Discount cards are valid with pick up from anywhere if a customer’s name is written on the card.
    • Cards are non-transferable and the customer’s name on the card must be riding and present the card to the driver before the trip begins.
  • Discount cards that appear to have been altered will NOT be accepted.